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Parish Marriages

Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The marriages are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
If the age of the Bride or Groom is noted as 21 from the original record, this may well only mean that they are of the age of consent or higher.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in date order.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
V Harriet (22) Preistnall Mottram St Andrew CHS Walter (25) Bailey Mottram St Andrew CHS 19/02/1901 Prestbury St Peter
V Lily (25) Preistnall 40 Oldham Rd, Failsworth LAN Thomas (26) Hilldrup Newton, Manchester LAN 12/09/1901 Newton St Anne
  George Amos (21) Preistnall Sparkbrook WAR Mary Pickering Sparkbrook WAR 16/06/1902 Sparkbrook Parish
  Frederick A A W (21) Preistnall Chesterfield DBY Sarah Hannah (21) Dicken Chesterfield DBY 22/09/1902 Chesterfield St Mary
  Mary Ann Priestnall   LAN Frederick Cordingley   LAN 15/02/1903 Droylsden Parish
V Mary (25) Preistnall Prestbury CHS Frederick Anderson (26) Maclese Butley CHS 29/07/1903 Prestbury St Peter
V James (23) Preistnall Stockport CHS Louise Maud (28) Gould Stockport CHS 01/09/1903 Stockport St George
  Clarence Frank (24) Preistnall Bilston STS Selina Maddocks Bilston STS 25/12/1903 Bilston Parish
  Elizabeth (23) Priestnell Manchester LAN Charles (25) Johnson Manchester LAN 26/12/1903 Beswick St Mary
  John (26) Priestnell Manchester LAN Elizabeth Ann (22) Metcalf Manchester LAN 28/05/1904 Hulme Holy Trinity
V Relizabeth (24) Preistnall Prestbury CHS George (23) Harding Wilmslow CHS 05/01/1905 Prestbury St Peter
V Mary Ann (27) Preistnall Desford LEI Albert (24) Hunt Ratby LEI 22/08/1905 Desford Parish
  Amy (28) Priestnell Manchester LAN Joseph (25) Gabbott Manchester LAN 07/06/1906 Beswick St Mary
V Augusta (36) Preistnall Desford LEI William Lemon (37) Orton Newbold Verdon LEI 25/09/1906 Desford Parish
V Amy (21) Preistnall 40 Oldham Rd, Failsworth LAN James Clark (22) Smith 2 Assheton Rd, Newton LAN 29/09/1906 Newton All Saints
  William Harold Preistnall Manchester LAN Sarah Ibbotson Manchester LAN 12/09/1907 Miles Platting St Lukes
V Beatrice Mary (24) Priestnal Manchester LAN Albert (28) Wilkinson Manchester LAN 28/11/1908 Hulme St John
  Thomas Everard Preistnall Derby DBY Fanny Pickering Derby DBY 30/10/1909 Woodville St Stephen
  Susan Ethel Priestnal Manchester LAN William Conboy Manchester LAN 06/02/1910 Hulme St Mary
V May (18) Preistnall 13 Borough Rd, Altrincham CHS John Thomas (24) Taberner 60 Borough Rd, Altrincham CHS 30/04/1910 Altrincham St John
V Ernest Frederick (25) Preistnall Ratby LEI Hannah (25) Jordan Ratby LEI 22/06/1911 Ratby St Philip &St James
V Kenneth (25) Preistnall Leicester LEI Mary Elizabeth (21) Pyewell Leicester LEI 16/09/1911 Leicester St Mark
V Jessie (22) Preistnall Coventry WAR Samuel Edmund (22) Warner Coventry WAR 04/04/1912 Coventry St Peter
V Archibald (24) Preistnall Leicester LEI Mabel Francis (24) Peet Coventry WAR 25/04/1912 Coventry St Thomas
V Emily (27) Preistnall Droylsden Manchester LAN Ernest (31) Simpson Ashton Under Lyne LAN 28/09/1912 Ashton Under Lyne St Peter
V Thomas William (22) Priestnal Manchester LAN |Doris (19) Wheeler Manchester LAN 07/10/1912 Hulme Holy Trinity
V Arthur James (25) Preistnall Leicester LEI Edith Ellen (24) Perkins Leicester LEI 12/05/1913 Leicester St Andrew
V Mary (18) Preistnall Manchester LAN Ernest David (23) Pickford Manchester LAN 22/06/1913 Gorton St Mark
  Arthur (27) Preistnall Aston WAR Alice Harris Aston WAR 20/09/1913 Aston Parish
V Mary Ada (20) Preistnall Barlestone LEI Charles (36) Bott Barlestone LEI 03/02/1915 Barlestone Parish
V Elizabeth (27) Preistnall Manchester LAN John William (25) O'Brien Manchester LAN 07/08/1915 Hulme St John
V Charles Augustus (20) Preistnall Ratby LEI Ruth 23 Nind Ratby LEI 03/12/1916 Ratby St Philip &St James
  Agnes Priestnell   DUR Christopher Ingram   DUR ??/06/1917 Durham Sedgefield
  Beatrice Preistnall Tipton STS Leonard Ward Tipton STS 09/12/1917 Tipton Parish
V Emma Eliza (28) Preistnall Ratby LEI Thomas (27) Brindley Ratby LEI 03/09/1918 Ratby St Philip &St James
V Harold Vincent (25) Preistnall 83 Dewslow St, Newport MON Sarah Blanche (22) Jones 25 Hartshorn Rd, Bilston STS 06/09/1918 Newport Maindee St John
V James (63) Preistnall Leicester LEI Eliza (54) Hann Leicester LEI 16/09/1918 Leicester Martyrs
V Thomas Hornby(41) Preistnall 1 Westminster Rd, Chorley LAN Norah (31) Hayward Manchester LAN 07/05/1919 Harpurhey Parish
V Ernest Archibald (28) Preistnall Leicester LEI Beatrice Annie (28) Allen Leicester LEI 13/08/1919 Leicester St Leonard
V George Ernest (26) Preistnall Barlestone LEI Annie (23) Smith Bagworth LEI 13/09/1919 Barlestone St Giles
V Leonard (26) Preistnall Leicester LEI Jane (25) Farren Leicester LEI 02/08/1920 Bekgrave Parish
V Thomas (22) Preistnall Peckleton LEI Evelyn Margaret (24) Beck Peckleton LEI 16/08/1920 Peckleton Parish
V William (27) Preistnall Leicester LEI Florence E Blanche (21) Morris Leicester LEI 11/09/1920 Leicester Holy Tinity
V Florence G. R. (23) Preistnall Leicester LEI Frederick Richard (30) Wilmot Leicester LEI 15/04/1922 Leicester St Leonard
V Thomas (22) Preistnall Barlestone LEI Edith Mary (21) Bradbury Barlestone LEI 22/12/1923 Barlestone St Giles
  Elizabeth Priestnall   LAN William Henry Cunliffe   LAN 29/03/1924 Droylsden Parish
  Douglas Beatty Preistnall Manchester LAN Marie Lucy Cross Manchester LAN 28/05/1924 Withington St Paul
V Doris (23) Priestnal Manchester LAN John (24) Heeds Manchester LAN 11/04/1925 Gorton St Mark
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