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Parish Marriages

Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The marriages are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
If the age of the Bride or Groom is noted as 21 from the original record, this may well only mean that they are of the age of consent or higher.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in date order.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
  Sarah Priestnall Manchester LAN Matthew Hepworth Manchester LAN 26/01/1801 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Elizabeth Priestnall London LND William Woolley London LND 26/04/1801 London,St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury
  William Priestnal   CHS Ann Priestnal   CHS 10/05/1801 Cheadle St Mary
  William Priestnall Manchester LAN Ann Ryley Manchester LAN 20/07/1801 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Betty Priestnall   DBY Joseph Bradley   DBY 06/08/1801 Glossop All Saints
  Ann Priestnall Manchester LAN George Chorlton Manchester LAN 23/01/1802 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Thomas Priestnall Manchester LAN Mary Shuttleworth Manchester LAN 04/10/1802 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Mary Priestnall   DBY John Bradbury   DBY 09/06/1803 Glossop Parish
V John Priestnall Macclesfield CHS Margaret Goodwin Macclesfield CHS 11/12/1803 Prestbury St Peter
V Hannah Priestnall Stockport CHS William Hammond Stockport CHS 02/01/1804 Stockport St Mary
  Ann Priestnall Manchester LAN William Skelland Manchester LAN 03/06/1804 Manchester Collegiate Church
  John Priestnall   DBY Hannah Ashton   DBY 05/08/1804 Glossop Parish
  Joseph Priestnall Manchester LAN Ann Hulme Manchester LAN 25/12/1804 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Sarah Priestnall Butley CHS James Kelsall Stockport CHS 21/05/1805 Prestbury St Peter
V Elizabeth Pristall Coleorton LEI William Shaw Coleorton LEI 10/02/1806 Coleorton St Mary
V Ann Priestnall Stockport CHS John Hooley Stockport CHS 19/02/1806 Stockport St Mary
  Sophia Priestnall London LND William Hercules London LND 16/10/1806 London, St Bartholomew
V Elizabeth Preistnall Fenny Drayton LEI James Fullylove Higham LEI 26/01/1807 Fenny Drayton Parish
  John Priestnall   CHS Mary Minchall   CHS 21/02/1808 Northenden Parish
  Ann Pristnall Manchester LAN William Pratt Manchester LAN 31/10/1808 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Ann Priestnall Sutton Coldfield WAR Samuel Nichols Sutton Coldfield WAR 21/07/1809 Sutton Coldfield Holy Trinity
V Thomas Priestnell Leicester LEI Mary Woodbourne Leicester LEI 08/08/1809 Higham on the Hill Parish
  George Priestnall Manchester LAN Sarah Bradbury Manchester LAN 15/01/1810 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Thomas Priestnall Stockport CHS Ellen Normansell Stockport CHS 25/02/1810 Stockport St Mary
V Fanny Preistnall Cheadle CHS John Denman Cheadle CHS 15/07/1810 Cheadle St Mary
V John Priestnall Stockport CHS Elizabeth Hewitt Stockport CHS 07/09/1810 Stockport St Mary
V Nancy Preistnall Stockport CHS William Wood Stockport CHS 15/12/1810 Stockport St Mary
V Sarah Priestnall Siddington CHS William Hudson Siddington CHS 14/01/1811 Prestbury St Peter
V George Priestnall Adlington CHS Elizabeth Procter Adlington CHS 05/01/1812 Prestbury St Peter
  Jonas Preistnall Glossop DBY Mary Waterhouse Glossop CHS 14/01/1812 Glossop Parish
V Hannah Priestnall Butley CHS Robert Owen Butley CHS 23/01/1812 Prestbury St Peter
V Jane Priestnal Cheadle CHS Benjamin Barratt Cheadle CHS 19/04/1812 Cheadle St Mary
V George Priestnall Prestbury CHS Mary Downing Cheadle CHS 28/04/1812 Prestbury St Peter
V William Priestnall Oldham LAN Anna Bradbury Oldham LAN 31/05/1812 Oldham St Mary
V Ann (23) Preistnall Stockport CHS James (35) Kinder Stockport CHS 16/09/1812 Stockport St Mary
  Mary Priestnall Manchester LAN Charles Hyde Manchester LAN 15/12/1812 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Nancy Preistnall Worth CHS John Whitelegg Cheadle CHS 10/05/1813 Prestbury St Peter
  Mary Priestnell Birmingham WAR George Starkey Birmingham WAR 18/10/1813 Warwickshire, Birmingham St Martin
V Sarah Pristnall Merevale WAR George Mason Merevale WAR 18/10/1813 Merevale St Mary
V Hannah (25) Priestnall Glossop DBY William (21) Newton Glossop DBY 23/02/1814 Glossop Parish
  William Priestnor Manchester LAN Elizabeth Wood Manchester LAN 13/05/1814 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Elizabeth Priestnall Manchester LAN Henry Hill Manchester LAN 16/11/1814 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Anne Priestnall Fenny Drayton LEI Frederick Ison Mancetter WAR 09/01/1815 Fenny Drayton Parish
  Thomas Priestnal Manchester LAN Mary Fernhead Manchester LAN 01/05/1815 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Thomas Priestnall Newbold Verdon LEI Mary Ann Frost Desford LEI 13/11/1815 Desford Parish
  Thomas Priestnall   DBY Mary Cundy   DBY 23/11/1815 Derbyshire Glossop
  Elizabeth Preistnall London LND William Brearley London LND 19/05/1816 Marylebone Parish
  William Priestnal Barwell LEI Elizabeth Woodward Barwell LEI 20/08/1816 Barwell Parish
V Elizabeth Preistnall Pott Shrigley CHS Ralph Kinder Pott Shrigley CHS 08/01/1817 Prestbury St Peter
  John Priestnall Manchester LAN Sarah Haythorne Manchester LAN 10/03/1817 Manchester Collegiate Church
V John Preistnall Butley CHS Hannah Oakes Macclesfield CHS 12/05/1817 Prestbury St Peter
  Elizabeth Priestnall London LND Joseph Turner London LND 05/08/1817 London St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury
  George Priestnell Liverpool LAN Sarah Martin Liverpool LAN 11/09/1817 Liverpool St Ann
V Elizabeth Prestnall Astbury CHS James Shawcross Astbury CHS 05/10/1817 Astbury St Mary
  Dorothy Priestnall Manchester LAN Thomas Calvert Manchester LAN 14/10/1818 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Joseph Priestnell Manchester LAN     Manchester LAN 00/00/1819 Manchester
  Samuel Priestnall   CHS Martha Drinkwater   CHS 01/02/1819 Warrington Parish
  Jane Priestnell Liverpool LAN William Jones Liverpool LAN 21/03/1819 Liverpool St Ann
V Martha Preistnall Manchester LAN Daniel White Manchester LAN 12/09/1819 Deansgate St John
V Elizabeth Priestnall Manchester LAN John Warren Manchester LAN 10/11/1819 Manchester St Mary
V William Priestnall Sutton Coldfield WAR Mary Walker Sutton Coldfield WAR 06/12/1819 Sutton Coldfield
V Hannah Priestnall Stockport CHS John Cocks Stockport CHS 26/12/1819 Stockport St Mary
  Elizabeth Priestnall London LND George Allen London LND 27/05/1820 London St Botolph
  Mary Priestnell Birmingham WAR Joshua Smith Birmingham WAR 26/06/1820 Warwickshire, Birmingham St Martin
  Hannah Preistnall London LND James Stafford London LND 23/07/1820 Marylebone Parish
  Mary Ann Priestnall   CHS Enoch Rowlinson   CHS 11/10/1820 Northenden Parish
V John Preistnall Butley CHS Elizabeth Lane Newton CHS 10/01/1821 Prestbury St Peter
  John Priestnall London LND Mary Cary London LND 24/09/1821 Bishopgate St Botolph
  James Priestnall Manchester LAN Martha Whiteley Manchester LAN 30/10/1821 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Henry Preistnall Liverpool LAN Jane McDonald Liverpool LAN 12/11/1821 Liverpool
  Thomas Priestnall Birmingham WAR Lucy Lucas Birmingham WAR 03/02/1822 Birmingham St Philips
  Thomas Pristnall Manchester LAN Louisa Purchase Manchester LAN 17/03/1822 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Martha Priestnall   CHS John Harrison   CHS 21/04/1822 Northenden Parish
  Sarah Priestnall Manchester LAN John Warburton Manchester LAN 12/05/1822 Manchester Collegiate Church
V George Priestnal Mottram In Longdendale DBY Betty Ogden Mottram In Longdendale DBY 24/07/1822 Mottram In Longdendale Parish
V Maria Priestnall Stockport CHS Joseph Davies Stockport CHS 06/12/1823 Stockport St Mary
V James Priestnall Newbold Verdon LEI Mary Ann Hinman Markfield LEI 18/10/1824 Markfield St Michael
V Mary Preistnall Prestbury CHS Ralph Bebbington Prestbury CHS 26/12/1824 Prestbury St Peter
V John Priestnal Newbold Verdon LEI Mary Gilbert Newbold Verdon LEI 15/03/1825 Newbold Verdon
V James (21) Preistnall Leyland LAN Ann (21) Livesey Chorley LAN 30/06/1825 Chorley St Laurence
  John Priestnall Stockport CHS Ann Cullen Nottingham NTT 20/09/1825 Nottingham, St Mary
V Hannah Priestnal Cheadle CHS Thomas Holt Cheadle CHS 27/12/1825 Cheadle St Mary
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