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Parish Marriages

Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The marriages are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
If the age of the Bride or Groom is noted as 21 from the original record, this may well only mean that they are of the age of consent or higher.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in date order.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
  Thomas Priestnall Birmingham WAR Hannah Heeley Birmingham WAR 04/05/1851 Birmingham St George
V Rachel (17) Preistnall Leek STS Abraham (20) Wood Leek STS 24/07/1851 Leek St Luke
  Elizabeth Preistnall Tipton STS George Thompson Tipton STS 00/01/1852 Tipton St Martin
V John (35) Preistnall Leicester LEI Sarah (34) Ordish Leicester LEI 22/06/1852 Leicester St Margaret
V William (21) Preistnall Barwell LEI Dorcas Amelia (21) Hunt Barwell LEI 25/07/1852 Barwell Parish
  Joseph Priestnell Manchester LAN Jane Francis Leah Manchester LAN 03/10/1852 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Joseph Priestnal Nottingham NTT Eliza Bennett Nottingham NTT 05/01/1853 Nottingham St Paul
V Martha Priestnall Butley CHS William Dorset Butley Hall, Prestbury CHS 15/06/1853 Prestbury St Peter
  Elizabeth Priestnell Preston LAN Mark Gurnall Preston LAN 23/06/1853 Preston
V William Priestnal Barwell LEI Mary Hellot Barwell LEI 20/06/1854 Barwell Parish
  Sarah Priestnall Barony LKS William Burgon Barony LKS 22/09/1854 Scotland, Lanark, Barony Parish
V George (33) Priestnall Macclesfield CHS Harriet (30) Bunting Macclesfield CHS 11/02/1855 Macclesfield St Michael
V Elizabeth Priestnall Woodford CHS George Burgess Adlington CHS 18/04/1855 Prestbury St Peter
  Alice Preistnall Farnworth CHS Thomas Baxter Farnworth CHS 23/09/1855 Farnworth St Luke
  Kezia Preistnall Glossop DBY Emmanuel Pott Glossop DBY 21/03/1856 Glossop Parish
  Ann Priestnall Manchester LAN Aaron Firth Manchester LAN 18/05/1856 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Thomas (24) Priestnal ArchdeaconLane LEI Sarah (21) Storer Lower Churchgate LEI 05/09/1856 Leicester St Margaret
  Jeremiah Preistnall Glossop DBY Mary Niels Glossop DBY 21/09/1857 Glossop Parish
  William Preistnall Bordesley WAR Jane Brookes Bordesley WAR 19/09/1858 Bordesley Parish
V Samuel (54) Priestnall Mottram St Andrew CHS Rachel (48) Cook Dean Row, Wilmslow CHS 10/10/1859 Prestbury St Peter
  Mary Prestnore Manchester LAN Henry Pearson Manchester LAN 22/01/1860 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Sarah (30) Priestnall Chelford CHS John (38) Foden Chelford CHS 28/10/1860 Prestbury St Peter
  John (21) Priestnell Manchester LAN Alice (20) Henderson Manchester LAN 17/11/1860 Deansgate St John
  Mary Ann (18) Priestnell Manchester LAN Thomas (20) Greaves Manchester LAN 23/02/1861 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Frances Preistnall Ashton Under Lyne LAN Samuel Stanfield Ashton Under Lyne LAN 00/00/1862 Ashton Under Lyne
  Esther Ann Preistnall Glossop DBY Samuel June Glossop DBY 08/01/1863 Glossop Parish
  Mary Preistnall Glossop DBY Tom Dodd Glossop DBY 02/02/1863 Glossop Parish
V Ellen (21) Preistnall Leicester LEI Joseph (23) Fryer Leicester LEI 10/07/1864 Leicester St Mary
  Peter George Preistnall London LND Harriet Elizabeth Vincent London LND 18/09/1864 Brixton Parish
  George Priestnall Manchester LAN Emma Burgess Manchester LAN 18/05/1865 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Martha (19) Priestnall Bollington CHS John (22) Jackson Bollington CHS 01/01/1866 Bollington St John
V John (26) Preistnall South Eston YKS Annie (21) Ryder South Eston YKS 20/05/1866 Ormesby Parish
V George Preistnall Leicester LEI Rebecca (20) Dillow Leicester LEI 17/06/1866 Leicester All Saints
  John Preistnall Hayfield DBY Harriet Oates Hayfield DBY 05/08/1866 Hayfield Parish
V Ann Preistnall Leicester LEI George Yeomans Leicester LEI 10/12/1866 Leicester All Saints
  Arthur (20) Priestnall North Wingfield DBY Mary (16) White North Wingfield DBY 28/02/1867 North Wingfield St Lawrence
V George (36) Priestnall Bollington CHS Mary (38) Hatton Bollington CHS 20/04/1867 Prestbury St Peter
  Sarah Ann (21) Priestnell Manchester LAN Horation (24) Thelwell Manchester LAN 30/11/1867 Deansgate St John
V James (21) Priestnal Heaton Norris, Stockport CHS Mary Ann (21) Dunkerley Heaton Norris, Stockport CHS 29/12/1867 Heaton Norris St Thomas
  John Preistnall Liverpool LAN Jane Tyra Liverpool LAN 07/12/1868 Liverpool
  James Priestnall Droylsden Manchester LAN Isabella Sharpe Droylsden Manchester LAN 25/01/1869 Droylsden Parish
V George (47) Priestnall Butley CHS Sarah (36) Barlow Newton CHS 04/11/1869 Prestbury St Peter
  Thomas (27) Priestnall Droylsden Manchester LAN Delia (23) Healey Droylsden Manchester LAN 04/04/1870 Droylsden Parish
  James Priestnall Droylsden Manchester LAN Grace Hornby Droylsden Manchester LAN 02/04/1871 Droylsden Parish
V Mary (22) Priestnall Macclesfield CHS Matthew (21) Arnold Adlington CHS 06/04/1871 Macclesfield St Michael
V Oliver Priestnal London Road LEI Mary Ann Favill Market Rasen LEI 10/04/1871 Leicester St John the Devine
  Hannah Priestnall Birmingham WAR Frederick Holborn Birmingham WAR 30/10/1871 Birmingham St Jude
V Harriet (41) Preistnall West Bromwich STS Thomas (41) Mansell West Bomwich STS 14/11/1871 West Bromwich Christ Church
V Ann Elizabeth Preistnall Harpurhey, Manchester LAN James Wilde Harpurhey, Manchester LAN 19/02/1872 Deansgate St John
V Elizabeth Preistnall London MDX Daniel Scott London MDX 20/05/1872 London, Walton Place, St Pauls
  Mary Ann (25) Priestnall North Wingfield DBY Naamon (23|) Redwood North Wingfield DBY 15/10/1872 North Wingfield St Lawrence
  Robert George Preistnall London LND Edith Mary Ann Brookes London LND 07/09/1873 Lambeth Parish
V James (22) Preistnall Leek STS Ann (28) Riley Leek STS 14/09/1873 Leek St Edward
  Samuel (21) Preistnall Ashton Under Lyne LAN Sarah Ann Knowles Ashton Under Lyne LAN 15/11/1873 Ashton Under Lyne
  William Preistnall Harborne STS Elizabeth Devereux Harborne STS 23/11/1873 Harborne Parish
V Samuel Preistnall Droylsden Manchester LAN Elizabeth Simcoe Droylsden Manchester LAN 29/11/1873 Deansgate St John
V Mary Jane (21) Priestnall Beech Lane, Macclesfield CHS William (23) Bailey Beech Lane, Macclesfield CHS 16/03/1874 Macclesfield St Paul
  Sarah (20) Priestnall North Wingfield DBY David (22) Macey North Wingfield DBY 08/09/1874 North Wingfield St Lawrence
V Frances Ann (41) Priestnal Newbold Verdon LEI Thomas (38) Howgill Leicester LEI 08/10/1874 Newbold Verdon
  Elizabeth (22) Preistnall Chesterfield DBY Joseph Cutts Chesterfield DBY 24/11/1874 Chesterfield
  Lois (24) Priestnall North Wingfield DBY Joseph (24) Orton North Wingfield DBY 29/03/1875 North Wingfield St Lawrence
  Lydia Priestnall Manchester LAN William Formstone Manchester LAN 23/10/1875 Manchester Collegiate Church
V George (26) Preistnall Butley CHS Mary Jane (19) Barlow Prestbury CHS 04/01/1876 Prestbury St Peter
  Jane Preistnall Harborne STS William Holland Harborne STS 20/02/1876 Harborne Parish
V James (21) Preistnall 23 Oxford St LEI Fanny (21) Everard Oxford St LEI 15/03/1876 Leicester St Mary
V Thomas (27) Preistnall Bilston STS Sarah Drusilla (21) Sherlock Bilston STS 28/08/1876 Bilston Parish
  James Pristnor Manchester LAN Elizabeth Stenton Manchester LAN 02/09/1876 Manchester Ancoats St Andrew
V George Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Susannah (20) Richards Ratby LEI 26/09/1876 Ratby Parish
V Emma (27) Priestnal Newbold Verdon LEI Alexander (19) Bradbury Newbold Verdon LEI 28/09/1876 Newbold Verdon
V George Preistnall Butley CHS Hannah Lane Dean Row, Wilmslow CHS 08/03/1877 Wilmslow Parish
V Henrietta (20) Preistnall Latchford CHS Birch (22) Brown Warrington CHS 28/03/1878 Latchford St James
V Mary Jane Preistnall Audenshaw Manchester LAN Furness James Eastburn Audenshaw Manchester LAN 13/06/1878 Audenshaw St Stephens
  Hannah Preistnall Manchester LAN George Thompson Manchester LAN 01/03/1880 Chorlton on Medlock
  Frederick A. A. Priestnall Manchester LAN Fanny Woodcock Manchester LAN 08/03/1880 Manchester Collegiate Church
V John (24) Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Ann (39) Lemmon Enderbury LEI 17/05/1880 Enderbury Parish
V Sarah Jane (20) Preistnall Farnworth LAN Walter (20) Greenhalgh Farnworth LAN 07/11/1880 Dixon Green St Thomas
V Mary Ann (25) Preistnall Farnworth LAN Robert (23) Green Farnworth LAN 28/05/1881 Farnworth Parish
V Ann (27) Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Gabriel (23) Upton Newbold Verdon LEI 22/01/1882 Newbold Verdon
V Thomas (39) Preistnall 16 Thomas St, Coventry WAR Elizabeth (20) Gardner 16 Thomas St, Coventry WAR 30/12/1882 Coventry St Thomas
V Mary Harriet (23) Preistnall Latchford CHS Samuel (25) Pearson Latchford CHS 29/03/1883 Latchford St James
V Esther Elizabeth (21) Preistnall 11 Bolton Rd, Kearsley LAN William (23) Greenhalgh Farnworth LAN 06/01/1884 Dixon Green St Thomas
  Ada (22) Priestnal Desford LEI Henry (21) Dilks Desford LEI 15/04/1884 Newbold Verdon
V William Thomas (37) Priestnell Manchester LAN Mary Jane (40) Faulkner Manchester LAN 13/09/1884 Ancoats All Souls
  Rose Ellen (20) Priestnall North Wingfield DBY Lewis (20) Bennett North Wingfield DBY 18/11/1884 North Wingfield St Lawrence
V Naomi (22) Preistnall Leicester LEI Charles (20) Bates Leicester LEI 25/12/1884 Leicester All Saints
  Alfred James (22) Priestnal 45 Parker St. Manchester LAN Jane (20) Jones 124 Hyde Rd. Manchester LAN 05/07/1886 Ardwick St Matthews
V Thomas William (23) Priestnal Manchester LAN Isabella (21) Douglas Manchester LAN 14/09/1886 Ardwick St Thomas
V John (30) Preistnall Hulme, Manchester LAN Jane (25) Mellor Hulme, Manchester LAN 06/09/1887 Hulme St John
  Thomas Preistnall North Wingfield DBY Mary Whyman North Wingfield DBY 09/09/1888 North Wingfield St Lawrence
V Ann (30) Preistnall Audenshaw Manchester LAN Thomas (28) Tipper Droylsden Manchester LAN 27/10/1888 Audenshaw St Stephens
V Peter(21) Prestnall Altrincham CHS Sarah (21) Hilton Altrincham CHS 31/12/1889 Altrincham St John
V William (31) Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Ann(21) Cobley Newbold Verdon LEI 15/05/1890 Newbold Verdon
V Ann (28) Priestnell Manchester LAN Emmanuel (29) Clegg Manchester LAN 17/05/1890 Ardwick St Silas
  Ernest (22) Preistnall Leicester LEI Ann Florence (22) Ward Leicester LEI 19/10/1890 Leicester St Nicholas
V Oliver (20) Preistnall Clay Cross DBY Gertrude Alice (18) Hayes Clay Cross DBY 25/12/1890 Clay Cross
  William (31) Preistnall Butley CHS Mary Elizabeth (25) Hulme Bollington CHS 01/06/1891 Prestbury St Peter
V Frederick (25) Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Harriet (29) Plant Desford LEI 18/09/1891 Desford Parish
V Elizabeth (23) Priestnell Manchester LAN William Andrew (23) Ellis Manchester LAN 26/12/1891 Chorlton on Medlock St Paul
V Arthur (21) Pristnall Leicester LEI Florence (20) Simons Leicester LEI 23/01/1892 Leicester The Martyrs
V Tirzah (27) Preistnall Desford LEI Carles Henry (27) Harris Ratby LEI 19/04/1892 Desford Parish
V William Henderson (23) Priestnell Manchester LAN Margaret Ann (23) Hollowell Manchester LAN 22/04/1893 Deansgate St John
V William (27) Preistnall Leek STS Laura Ann (29) Wheeldon Leek Frith STS 03/12/1894 Meerbrook St Matthews
V James (45) Preistnall Manchester LAN Lucy (32) Middleton Manchester LAN 22/04/1895 Hulme St John
V Edith (27) Preistnall Desford LEI John William (28) Price Desford LEI 04/07/1895 Desford Parish
V William (49) Preistnall Widnes CHS Mary Ann (19) Sproson Sheffield YKS 23/01/1896 Attercliffe Christ Church
  Minnie Kate (24) Preistnall London LND Ernest William Wright London LND 04/04/1896 Kennington
  Thomas Preistnall Desford LEI Sarah Jane Marvin Ratby LEI 23/11/1896 Ratby St Philip &St James
  Jessica Hannah (19) Preistnall Birmingham WAR Henry Kirby Birmingham WAR 29/11/1896 Birmingham
V Alfred James (32) Priestnal Manchester LAN Annie Maria((31) Langshaw Manchester LAN 06/01/1897 Ardwick St Thomas
V Frederick A A (38) Preistnall Sheffield YKS Mary Ann (23) Mitchell Sheffield YKS 24/03/1897 Sheffield All Saints
  Emma (30) Preistnall Clay Cross DBY John (30) Ankers Clay Cross DBY 16/08/1898 Clay Cross
  Harry (38) Preistnall Ashted WAR Maria Louisa (28) Hodman Ashted WAR 28/01/1899 Ashted Parish
V Walter Filby (22) Preistnall Leicester LEI Ellen (23) Crossley Leicester LEI 03/04/1899 Leicester St Nicholas
  Robert Brooks Preistnall London LND Elizabeth Maude Stachini London LND 02/07/1899 Camberwell Parish
V Charles (19) Preistnall Leek STS Elizabeth Celia (19) Beardmore Leek STS 19/09/1899 Leek All Saints
V Kezia (22) Preistnall Ratby LEI Charles (23) Marvin Ratby LEI 05/10/1899 Ratby St Philip
V Ann (39) Preistnall Newbold Verdon LEI Michael (36) Godfrey Newbold Verdon LEI 25/02/1900 Newbold Verdon St James
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