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Parish Marriages

Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The marriages are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
If the age of the Bride or Groom is noted as 21 from the original record, this may well only mean that they are of the age of consent or higher.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in date order.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
  Annes Prestknave   CHS Roberte Browne   CHS 10/06/1564 Poynton
  Joane Preistnall   CHS John Shawe   CHS 16/07/1564 Northenden Parish
  John Presteknave   CHS Anne Duncalfe Wydforde CHS 09/01/1565  
  Sibille Prestenall   CHS James Allen Widforde CHS 01/07/1566 Prestbury St Peter
V Elizabeth Preistnall   CHS Humfrey Holme   CHS 10/06/1568 Wilmslow Parish
V Margerie Pristnall   CHS Randle Lambe   CHS 24/02/1572 Wilmslow Parish
  Joane Preistnall   CHS Roger Prynce   CHS 09/08/1573 Northenden Parish
  Elizabeth Prestenall   CHS Thomas Cowghen Poynton CHS 24/01/1574 Prestbury St Peter
  Jane Prestenall   CHS Roger Danyell Widforde CHS 10/02/1577 Prestbury St Peter
V Maude Pristnall   CHS John Standley   CHS 24/07/1578 Wilmslow Parish
  John Preistnall   CHS Elline Dean   CHS 10/07/1580 Northenden Parish
V Richard Pristnall   CHS Mary Rylands   CHS 24/05/1582 Wilmslow Parish
V Margaret Pristnall   CHS William Laplone Wydforde CHS 17/11/1585 Prestbury St Peter
V Margery Pristnall   CHS James Kelsall   CHS 29/08/1587 Wilmslow Parish
  Margery Prestenae   CHS John Danyell   CHS 10/02/1593 Prestbury St Peter
  Jeffrey Preistnall   CHS Margaret Hamnet   CHS 03/03/1594 Northenden Parish
V Richard Prestenae Pointon CHS Margaret Blackshae   CHS 21/02/1597 Prestbury St Peter
  John Prestener   CHS Margarett Thornicrofte   CHS 18/09/1602 Prestbury St Peter
  Richard Prestener   CHS Sibell Barton   CHS 07/11/1602 Prestbury St Peter
  Margarett Prestener   CHS John Barton   CHS 21/03/1608 Prestbury St Peter
V William Preistnall Stockport CHS Anne Marsland Stockport CHS 27/09/1612 Stockport St Mary
V Elizabeth Priestnall   CHS Lawrence Warren   CHS 07/05/1616 Prestbury St Peter
V Thomas Preistnall Stockport CHS Lidia Boland Stockport CHS 26/10/1619 Stockport St Mary
V Thomas Priestnall   CHS Alice Gibbon   CHS 01/11/1620 Bowden St Mary
  Humphrey Priestnall   CHS Margaret Kirk Prestbury CHS 21/06/1622 Newton or Pott Parish
V Humphrey Preistnall   CHS Margrett Kirke   CHS 07/10/1622 Prestbury St Peter
V Robert Prestnall Norton Juxta Twycross LEI Margret Kendall Norton Juxta Twycross LEI 25/11/1623 Ratcliffe Culey All Saints
V John Preistnall   CHS Annie Hudson   CHS 27/12/1629 Stockport St Mary
V Thomas Priestnall   CHS Ellen Bradley   CHS 20/11/1632 Stockport St Mary
  Margret Priestnor Chedle CHS William Potter   LAN 25/11/1632 Manchester Cathedral
V John Preestnor   CHS Kathrine Fallowes   CHS 18/09/1633 Prestbury St Peter
V Francis Preistnall   CHS Ellen Whittacars Prestbury CHS 30/10/1636 Prestbury St Peter
V Anne Preistnall Stockport CHS Raphe Hegginbotham Stockport CHS 18/09/1637 Stockport St Mary
V Elizabeth Priestnall   CHS Phillip Wyatt Woodford CHS 06/06/1638 Prestbury St Peter
  Mary Preistnall London LND John Southerton Greenwich LND 27/09/1639 Southwark St Saviour
  Robert Priestnall   LEI Margery Bankes   LEI 12/11/1662 Leicester Norton Juxta Twycross
  William Priestnell Boson CHS Anne Cowson Offerton CHS 01/06/1666 Adlington or Chadkirk Cheshire
V Richard Preistnall Bullock Smithy CHS Mary Hulme Stockport CHS 25/11/1668 Stockport St Mary
V William Pristnall Stockport CHS Mary Blasedell Stockport CHS 07/06/1670 Stockport St Mary
V Alicia Priestnor Witton CHS Thomas Taylor Witton CHS 23/10/1677 Witton St Helen
V Thomas Priestnall Bosden CHS Mary Holland   CHS 29/04/1679 Stockport St Mary
V Ann Preistnall Stockport CHS Danniel Linney Stockport CHS 10/04/1680 Stockport St Mary
  John Priestnor   STS Mary Berrisford   STS 27/02/1681 Ipstones Staffordshire
V Emma Preistnall Castle Donnington LEI John Higgabotham   LEI 24/04/1682 Shepstone Cum Snarestone
  George Priestnall Virginia, USA VA Eliza Williams Virginia, USA VA 00/01/1684 Christchurch, Middlesex, VA, USA
V Ellen Pristnor Bowden CHS John Hulme Bowden CHS 24/02/1684 Bowden St Mary
V John (The Younger) Priestnor   CHS Mary Chesworth   CHS 19/06/1684 Goostrey St Luke
  Sara Preistnall   DBY Edwardus (Edward) Robinson   DBY 08/01/1686 Hartington St Giles
  Geffrey Priestnall   STS Margaret Brunt   STS 31/07/1687 Stafford Alstonfield
V Martham (Martha) Preistnall Stockport CHS Johem (John) Handforth Cheadle CHS 16/10/1688 Stockport St Mary
  Elizabeth Priestnall Virginia, USA VA John Kersey Virginia, USA VA 02/06/1692 Christchurch, Middlesex, VA, USA
V Thomas Prestnall Naneby LEI Ann Paget Naneby LEI 04/07/1703 Cadeby All Saints
V James Priestnall Manchester LAN Elizabeth Atkinson Manchester LAN 20/01/1706 Ashton St Michael
V Sarah Priestnor Prestbury CHS Samuel Wiatt Poynton CHS 04/02/1706 Prestbury Cheshire
  Martha Priestnall Poynton CHS Henry Richardson Lime CHS 03/08/1710 Prestbury St Peter
V Sarah Priestnor Prestbury CHS John Parrott Woodford CHS 05/08/1710 Prestbury St Peter
V William Priestnor Woodford CHS Jane Hooley   CHS 31/08/1710 Prestbury St Peter
V Mary Priestnor Prestbury CHS Robert Collinson Poynton CHS 22/11/1710 Prestbury St Peter
V John Priestnal   LEI Mary Breward   LEI 14/01/1717 Leicester, Desford Parish
V Mary Priestnor Woodford CHS Ralph Barber   CHS 23/07/1717 Prestbury St Peter
V Thomas Pristnor   LEI Martha Whittingham Great Budworth LEI 26/05/1718 Ashby De La Zouch Leicestershire
  Anne Priestnall   CHS John Warburton   CHS 02/08/1719 Wilmslow Parish
V Mary Preistnall Stockport CHS Jonathan Holt Stockport CHS 10/11/1719 Bowden St Mary
V George Priestnor Poynton CHS Ann Pickford   CHS 30/01/1721 Prestbury St Peter
V Sarah Priestnor   CHS Thomas Haman   CHS 30/05/1721 Prestbury St Peter
  Ellin Preesnal   LAN Francis Wood   LAN 03/01/1722 Manchester Cathedral
V William Priestnall   CHS Mary Barlow   CHS 16/01/1722 Stockport St Mary
V Thomas Priestnal Brascote LEI Ann Chesterton Thurlaston LEI 16/06/1722 Thurlaston All Saints
  Edward Priestnall   LEI Elizabeth King   LEI 14/01/1724 Leicester Norton Juxta Twycross
V Jane Priestnor   CHS Peter Agecroft Poynton CHS 27/04/1725 Prestbury Cheshire
V Thomas Priestnal Brascote LEI Elizabeth Carter Newbold Verdon LEI 28/10/1726 Newbold Verdon
  Elizabeth Prestnal London LND James Long London LND 28/03/1727 Westminster Parish
V Thomas Priestnall   LAN Elizabeth Royle   LAN 01/10/1728 Manchester Cathedral
  Sarah Priesttoner   CHS William Lees   CHS 25/01/1729 Prestbury St Peter
V Elizum(Elizabeth) Preistnall Pointon CHS Gulielmum (William) Heyward Prestbury CHS 25/04/1729 Prestbury/Pott/Taxall Parishes
V Joannem (John) Priestnall Manchester LAN Rebeccam (Rebecca) Hodges Manchester LAN 18/04/1730 Gorton Parish
V Anne Priestnal Adlington CHS John Barton   CHS 22/04/1732 Prestbury St Peter
V Richard Priestnall Manchester LAN Sarah Pollard Salford CHS 16/08/1732 Lymm Parish
V Martha Priestnal Prestbury CHS Edward Worthington Cheadle CHS 03/07/1733 Cheadle St Mary
V Mary Preistnall Butley CHS Edward Barlow Adlington CHS 10/10/1735 Norbury Chapel
V John Preistnall Marple CHS Mary Stanley Marple CHS 31/10/1736 Stockport St Mary
  George Priestnell   DBY Prothesia Pickford   DBY 03/11/1736 Peak Forest Chapel
V Josiah Priestnor   CHS Elizabeth Furnival   CHS 08/01/1737 Alderley Parish
  William Pristnall London LND Elizabeth Gardner London LND 09/05/1737 Stepney Parish
V James Preistnall Manchester LAN Elizabeth Taylor Prescot CHS 15/10/1738 Winwick Parish
  Elizabeth Prestnall   MDX Thomas Rogers   MDX 22/02/1740 London St Andrew
  Thomas Priestnal   LAN Hannah Wineyard   LAN 31/01/1741 Manchester Collegiate Church
  Ann Priestnal   LAN Abraham Briarley   LAN 25/02/1741 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Thomas Priestnall Newbold Verdon LEI Jane Harris Newbold Verdon LEI 29/06/1741 Newbold Verdon
  William Priestnel   DBY Elizabeth Hurst   DBY 07/07/1742 Peak Forest Chapel
  Joseph Priestnall   DBY Margaret Swindels   DBY 10/05/1743 Glossop Parish
V Martha Priestnal Burton CHS Thomas Rathbone Burton CHS 29/12/1743 Burton Parish
V William Priestnall Disley CHS Lydia Kenyon Disley CHS 11/09/1744 Marple Parish
  Mary Priestnal   DBY Thomas Cowper   DBY 04/10/1744 Peak Forest Chapel
V John Preistnall Norton Juxta Twycross LEI Mary Saunders Orton LEI 18/10/1745 Leicester Orton On The Hill
  James Priestnal   DBY Sarah Fidler   DBY 26/11/1745 Peak Forest Chapel
V Joshua Preistnall Etchells CHS Ann Trafford Disley CHS 26/11/1745 Stockport St Mary
V Elizabeth Priestnall   LEI Joseph Archer   LEI 08/01/1746 Norton Juxta Twycross
  Ann Priestnall   LAN Thomas Frankland   LAN 11/11/1746 Bury St Mary
V John Priestnall Manchester LAN Ann Green Prestwich LAN 23/01/1747 Manchester Collegiate Church
V Sarah Priestnall Prestbury CHS Thomas Wood Astbury Parish CHS 09/11/1747 Pott Shrigley Parish
V William Priestnal Poynton CHS Anne Pott   CHS 17/11/1747 Prestbury St Peter
  William Priestnall Presbury CHS Ruth Pott   DBY 02/03/1748 Peak Forest Chapel
V Martha Priestnal   CHS James Bury Astbury Parish CHS 12/04/1748 Prestbury St Peter
  Thomas Priestnall Presbury CHS Dorothy Ward   DBY 04/02/1749 Peak Forest Chapel
  John Priestnall Wilmslowe CHS Sarah Taylor   DBY 04/10/1750 Peak Forest Chapel
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