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Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The deaths are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in death order first where known, then burial order.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
V Doris 2 Priestnall     Manchester LAN   15/01/1901 Newton All Saints
V Esther Elizabeth 68 Priestnall     Stockport CHS   13/06/1901 Haton Norris Christ Church
V Sarah 47 Priestnall     Manchester LAN   15/07/1901 Audenshaw St Stephen
V Mary 71 Priestnall     Butley CHS   22/07/1901 Prestbury St Peter
V Elizabeth 76 Priestnal     Desford LEI   05/01/1902 Newbold Verdon St James
V James 56 Priestnall     Manchester LAN   13/10/1902 Newton All Saints
V Flora Mabel 2 Priestnall     Manchester LAN   03/12/1902 Prestbury St Peter
V William Thomas 53 Priestnal     Manchester LAN   01/12/1904 Prestbury St Peter
  Eliza   Priestnall     Birmingham WAR   00/00/1905 Birmingham Key Hill Cemetery
V Susannah 76 Priestnall     Newbold Verdon LEI   15/04/1905 Newbold Verdon St James
V Susannah 48 Priestnall     Ratby LEI   15/06/1905 Ratby Parish
V Grace 55 Priestnall     Manchester LAN   17/07/1905 Newton All Saints
V Ann Isabella 65 Priestnall     Newbold Verdon LEI   27/02/1906 Newbold Verdon St James
V Arthur 34 Priestnall     Oldham LAN   05/03/1908 Farnworth Parish
  John   Priestnall     Eston YKS   28/11/1908 Normanby, Eston Cemetery
V William 63 Priestnall     Witton LAN   10/05/1909 Farnworth Parish
  Delia 63 Priestnall Wife Thomas Droylsden LAN   06/09/1909 Droylsden, Lancs.
V William 57 Priestnall     Market Bosworth LEI   09/11/1910 Newbold Verdon St James
V Sarah Jane 39 Priestnall     Desford LEI   27/08/1912 Desford St Martin
  Maria Gertrude   Priestnall     Eston YKS   09/07/1914 Normanby, Eston Cemetery
  Victor Emmanuel   Priestnall     Birmingham WAR   00/00/1916 Birmingham Handsworth Cemetery
  Edith Mary 22 Priestnall     Clay Cross DBY   30/08/1916 Clay Cross
  Ann 73 Priestnall     Eston YKS   12/03/1917 Normanby, Eston Cemetery
V Hilda May 2 Priestnall     Barlestone LEI   06/12/1917 Barlestone Parish
V John 63 Priestnall     Newbold Verdon LEI   31/03/1920 Newbold Verdon St James
  Edith 37 Priestnall     Sutton CHS 24/10/1920 00/10/1920 Sutton St James
V Elsie 20m Priestnall     Ratby LEI   09/02/1922 Ratby Parish
  Thomas 76 Priestnall     Sutton CHS 23/01/1923 00/01/1923 Sutton St James
  Thomas 81 Priestnall Widower   Philadelphia, USA PA   21/02/1923 Greenmount Cemetery, PA. USA
V Edith May 3 Priestnall     Desford LEI   05/07/1923 Desford St Martin
V George Amos 42 Priestnall     Newbold Verdon LEI   01/12/1923 Newbold Verdon St James
V Ethel 18 Priestnall     Desford CHS   05/07/1926 Desford St Martin
  Thomas 53 Priestnall Son Thomas Penacook, USA PA   04/05/1928 Woodlawn Cem, PA. USA
  Jane 69 Priestnall     Marple CHS   01/04/1931 Marple All Saints
V Mary Jane 88 Priestnall     Thorpe Salvin YKS   05/05/1932 Thorpe Salvin St Peter
V Oliver 62 Priestnall     Clay Cross DBY   30/10/1932 Clay Cross
V George 81 Priestnall     Ratby LEI   11/01/1933 Ratby Parish
  Maria Louisa   Priestnall     Birmingham WAR   00/00/1937 Birmingham Witton Cemetery
  Mary Elizabeth   Priestnall     Offerton CHS   15/05/1937 Prestbury St Peter
  Elizabeth Ann 64 Priestnall     Clay Cross DBY   18/08/1937 Clay Cross
  Margaret 3m Priestnall     Clay Cross DBY   06/03/1940 Clay Cross
  John 83 Priestnall     Marple CHS   14/03/1940 Marple All Saints
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