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William Priestnall


Transcript of will for
William Priestnall the elder of Poynton

This transcript is meant as a guide to the contents of the will and is not always a full transcript, which in some cases may lead to several pages of rambling text.

The purpose of the transcript is to give an accurate indication as to who the beneficiaries are, and if available an insight to the lifestyle of the deceased, by way of any peculiar comments in the will, and of course inventories of personal effects where available.

Will of William Priestnall the elder of Poynton - Died 30th April 1729

Date of will - 4th June 1720

Proven at Chester diocesan consistory court in 1729

To son Thomas Priestnall all and singular that my leasehold estate in Woodford in the county aforesaid paying the sum of one hundred and fifty within six months of my demise, unto my executors hereafter hereon mentioned for this as hereafter specified. But in case he refuse those estates and will not hand it under the payment of one hundred and fifty pounds at six months end at after my demise, then I give to my said son Thomas Priestnall five shillings in silver in lieu of the said estate, and do hereby give unto my son Matthew Priestnall my said estates in Woodford also with full power for him to sell the said estate to the best bidder (if he think fit) to raise the aforesaid sum of one hundred and fifty pounds, for the said uses as where after mentioned.

After the aforesaid sums of one hundred and fifty pounds and my personal estate estate disposal of as followeth. That is to say it is my mind and will that all my debts and my funerall expenses and probates as this my will be rest paid.

I give to my sons William & George and daughters Elizabeth and Ann each of them five shillings apiece in silver.

I give to my sons in law Henry Richardson, Peter Agoirost, Samuel Wyat and Robert Collison each of them five shillings apiece in silver. And as touching the disposition of that twenty pounds that my son in law Peter Agoirost is to pay me or my executors if Jane his new wife have no child within the time mentioned in the

I give as followeth, that is to say I give to my daughter Elizabeth the sum of fifteen pounds part thereof if she be alive when the same becomes due and payable, but in case she be dead I give this fifteen pounds to my said son Matthew and five pounds more residue on the said twenty pounds I give to my daughter Mary if she be alive when the said becomes due and payable. But if she be dead then I give the said five pounds to my daughter Ann. And all the rest, residue and remainder of my personal estate not here before bequeathed I give and bequeath to my son George, daughter Elizabeth and to my son Matthew and son's John and William to be equally divided amongst them share and share alike.

Further it is in my mind and will that if my said son's, daughters or sons in law shall be discontent with the provision I have hereby made for them, and show, raise or contend any suits or actions against my executors or one against the other, in such case each of them that shall prove to be litigous or troublesome shall hereby forfeit and lose out on his, her or their share of my estate.

Executors - Matthew Priestnall and Thomas Priestnall

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