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John Priestnall


Transcript of will for
John Priestnall of Poynton with Worth

This transcript is meant as a guide to the contents of the will and is not always a full transcript, which in some cases may lead to several pages of rambling text.

The purpose of the transcript is to give an accurate indication as to who the beneficiaries are, and if available an insight to the lifestyle of the deceased, by way of any peculiar comments in the will, and of course inventories of personal effects where available.

Will of John Priestnall (Farmer) of Poynton with Worth - Died ????

Date of will - Unknown
Value - Under £10
Proven at Chester diocesan consistory court on 8th August 1801

After payment of all debts, funeral and other, all estate left to Nancy Priestnall the lawfull wife of the late John Priestnall of Poynton. Probate granted to Nancy Priestnall, and John Hall of Salford in the County of Lancaster - Fustian Dyer (brother in law of the late John Priestnall)

Will witnessed by James Wood and John Gaskell

Photocopies of wills may be ordered from the Cheshire Record Office, Duke Street, Chester, CH1 1RL. U.K., who should be contacted for costs.

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