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Transcripts from Parish Records and similar sources

The births / baptisms are recorded as they have been transcribed from Parish Records or other similar sources within the U.K., many within Cheshire and South Manchester as the centre of Priestnall genealogy.
Names are exactly as shown in the sources, along with the original spelling of the surname. Districts are shown with the original spelling, and the current spelling or name of the district in brackets.
The event date shown is in the English format of day - month - year, and the records are shown in birth order first where known, then baptism order. It should be noted that the period between birth and baptism could be a number of years.
The column headed CTY is the Chapman Code for the county identification prior to 1974.
If the first column is indicated as V this means that the entry of the transcript has been verified against an original image of the Parish Register entry and/or an image of the Bishops Transcript and/or original official certification.
V Elizabeth Presteknave   Mottram CHS   08/02/1564 Prestbury Parish
V William Preistnal   Woodford CHS   02/03/1565 Prestbury Parish
V Anne (Bastard) Prestnal   Wydforde (Woodford) CHS   08/05/1566 Prestbury Parish
V Richard Prestenae   Wydforde (Woodford) CHS   14/03/1567 Prestbury St Peter
V Roberte Prestenal   Widforde (Woodford) CHS   05/01/1570 Prestbury St Peter
V Robert Prestenae   Wydford (Woodford) CHS   18/03/1570 Prestbury Parish
V James Prestnall John Wilmslow CHS   09/10/1570 Wilmslow Parish
V Parnell Prestenaw   Widford (Woodford) CHS   07/04/1571 Prestbury Parish
V Margarette Prestnal   Widforde (Woodford) CHS   10/10/1576 Prestbury Parish
V Richard Pristnall Thomas Wilmslow CHS   19/11/1576 Wilmslow Parish
V Katharine Pristnall Thomas Wilmslow CHS   05/12/1577 Wilmslow Parish
V Jane Prestnall   Wydford (Woodford) CHS   17/07/1580 Prestbury Parish
V William Prystnall   Wydford (Woodford) CHS   05/10/1580 Prestbury Parish
V John Prystnall   Widforde (Woodford) CHS   08/03/1581 Prestbury St Peter
V Jane Prestenae   Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   14/06/1584 Prestbury Parish
  Anne Prestenae   Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   25/03/1588 Prestbury Parish
V Thomas Prestenae   Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   15/01/1593 Prestbury Parish
V Richard Prestenae Nancy Birtles CHS   12/07/1596 Prestbury Parish
V Geffraye Prestenae   Mottram CHS   19/05/1599 Prestbury Parish
V John Prestnal   Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   02/06/1600 Prestbury Parish
V John Priestnall Humffrey Bosden CHS   19/01/1601 Stockport St Mary
V Margaret Prestenae   Woodforde CHS   30/06/1601 Prestbury St Peter
V Franncis Priestnall Richard Wilmslow CHS   05/10/1603 Wilmslow Parish
V Margarett Preistnall Humffrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   26/12/1604 Stockport St Mary
V Humfrey Preistnall Richard Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   12/05/1607 Wilmslow Parish
V Anne Preistnall Homffrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   29/12/1607 Stockport St Mary
V Richard Preistnall Humfrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   12/08/1610 Stockport St Mary
V Eleanor Preistnall Humfrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   23/04/1613 Stockport St Mary
V Robert Pristnor John London, Ffeilds Lane LND   08/08/1613 London Holborn, St Andrew
V Humfrey Preistnall Humfrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   10/02/1614 Stockport St Mary
V Elizabeth Priestnall Rici Woodforde (Woodford) CHS   11/02/1615 Prestbury St Peter
V Sibil Pristnall William Woodford CHS   28/05/1615 Prestbury Parish
V Friswick Pristnor John & Katherine London, Ffeilds Lane LND   07/04/1616 London Holborn, St Andrew
  Elizabeth Pastnell Thomas Newbold Verdon LEI   04/04/1617 Newbold Verdon
V William Preistnall Humfrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   10/08/1617 Stockport St Mary
V Bridgett Prestnor John & Katherine London, Ffeilds Lane LND   05/07/1618 London Holborn, St Andrew
  Thomas Presnall   Northenden CHS   29/07/1621 Northenden Parish
V Robert Priestnoll Robert & Margaret Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   12/10/1628 Norton Juxta Twycross
V John Prisnall Robart & Margaret Shrewsbury SAL   08/05/1631 Shrewsbury St. Chad
V Son (Bastard Child)) Priestnall John Widford (Woodford) CHS   24/01/1633 Stockport St Mary
V John Preistnall Thomas Stockport CHS   06/10/1633 Stockport St Mary
V Sara Priestnoll Robert & Margaret Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   20/12/1633 Norton Juxta Twycross
V Thomas Preistnall Thomas Stockport CHS   06/09/1635 Stockport St Mary
V Marie Preistnall Thomas Stockport CHS   20/11/1636 Stockport St Mary
V Sibill Preistnall Ffrancis Torkington CHS   08/05/1637 Stockport St Mary
V Anna Preistnall Thomas Stockport CHS   20/01/1638 Stockport St Mary
V Ellen Preistnall Thomas Stockport CHS   20/01/1640 Stockport St Mary
  Elizabeth (B) Priestnall Humphrey Bosden CHS   10/03/1640 Stockport St Mary
V James Priestnall Thomas Stockport CHS   04/01/1642 Stockport St Mary
V William Priestnall John Stockport CHS   02/05/1646 Stockport St Mary
V Joane Preistnall Humfrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   11/06/1647 Stockport St Mary
V John Priestnol Thomas Widford (Woodford) CHS   22/10/1654 Prestbury St Peter
V Male Priestnall Robert & Elizabeth Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   07/12/1661 Norton Juxta Twycross
V Alexander Preistnall William Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   29/08/1662 Stockport St Mary
V Martha Preistnall Humphrey Bosdon (Bosden) CHS   05/08/1664 Stockport St Mary
  Thomas Priestnall John & Mary Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   12/11/1665 Norton Juxta Twycross
V John Preistnall George Stockport CHS   23/06/1671 Stockport St Mary
V Martha Preistnall George Stockport CHS   04/03/1672 Stockport St Mary
V Humphrey Prestnall Humphrey & Elizabeth London LND   19/05/1673 London Cripplegate St Giles
V Sarah Priestnall George Stockport CHS   05/05/1676 Stockport St Mary
V James Preistnall Anne Stockport CHS   21/01/1678 Stockport St Mary
V Martha Priestnall John & Mary London LND   29/12/1684 London Stepney St Dunstan
V Mary Preistnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   01/04/1688 Norton Juxta Twycross
V Ann Priestnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   16/02/1689 Norton Juxta Twycross
V John Priestnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   21/02/1691 Norton Juxta Twycross
V William Preistnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   22/07/1694 Norton Juxta Twycross
V Alice Priestnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   22/03/1696 Norton Juxta Twycross
V William Priestnoll William & Ann Norton Juxta Twycross LEI   28/08/1698 Norton Juxta Twycross
V James Prestnall Richard & Mary London LND 11/11/1699 19/11/1699 London Cripplegate St Giles
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