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The 1921 census is to be published on 6th January 2022 and soon after that date it is expected that Priestnall data will be extracted and published on this page. This is an important census as it wil be the last one published until 2052 when the results of the 1951 census are released, as the 1931 census was destroyed by fire and the 1941 census did not take place because of WWII.

Priestnalls etc., will be shown in county order and is expected to be located in the following counties as a minumum - Cheshire, Derbyshire, Durham, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, London, Northumberland, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire. along with the country of Wales.

It should be noted that some census records may not appear in the obvious counties. E,G, London records may be spread amongst several south east counties.

The census records will list individuals as they were transcribed, but are by no means comprehensive, and will be updated as information becomes available. Full census details remain the property of the Public Record Office, and the 1921 census will initially only be available on the web from Find My Past


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